Sunday 19 February 2017

Water Carpet at Coed Maidie

We ran two 6W Heath traps on this Wildlife Trust reserve last night. This morning we showed the moths to the volunteers who joined the work party to attack some of the encroaching bramble. We had only 25 moths of 7 species, 4 of which were firsts for us for the year. They were Early moth (3), Engrailed (2), Water carpet and Grey shoulder-knot. This was the second earliest county record for Water carpet, and the sixth earliest for Engrailed. The others were Dotted border (15), Chestnut (2), and Tortricodes alternella.
Water carpet

Dotted border

Early moth


Grey shoulder-knot
Thanks to Em and Julia for organising the work party and especially thanks to those who came along to help with this work which is vital for conserving the species diversity on the reserve.

Tony & Ina

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