Thursday 23 February 2017

Brindled Beauties

Carolyn and Evan's post started me looking again at the state of these three species: Brindled Beauty, Pale Brindled Beauty and Small Brindled Beauty. They all have similar flight periods, habitat, larval foodplants and life cycle. They are all present in Ceredigion although their national status, according to Waring" is different, ie. Small Brindled Beauty is "Local S,(C)", Pale Brindled Beauty is "Common T", and Brindled Beauty is "Common S,C,(N)". The following maps show the distribution of the three species in Ceredigion.

The following graphs show the number of Ceredigion records per year for each species over the 50 years to 2015. There are separate lines on the graphs for: non-Rothamsted(RIS) records, RIS records from Ian's trap at Tregaron (which he has operated for the last 40 years), and all other RIS traps which have run in several different places for varying amounts of time.

Brindled Beauty

Pale Brindled Beauty

Small Brindled Beauty
I am not sure what, if any, conclusions can be drawn from this!



  1. looks like Small Brindled Beauty has been keeping it's head down for 5 years or so!

  2. Very interesting Tony. The Small Brindled Beauty was certainly a first for us.


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