Wednesday 2 September 2015


We caught this Nationally Scarce A coastal moth in Aberystwyth today.  According to Waring there is a single known present day colony at Gwbert near Cardigan and perhaps the recent Southwesterlies have blown it this way. 

Also attached is the VC46 distribution map for this moth. 

Carolyn & Evan


  1. We have been very lucky to see both of the last two Black-banded recorded in Ceredigion. Carolyn and Evan brought this one to us and the other we found at Gwbert two years ago. We were having breakfast at the Gwbert hotel for a moth event with Liz, when Ina spotted a moth sitting on the outside of a window, which we discovered was a Black-banded.
    There are now 6 county records, 3 at Mwnt/Gwbert and 3 at Aberystwyth, so I think there must be two colonies. The records for Mwnt/Gwbert are from 1970, 1980, and 2013. From Aberystwyth they are from 1923, 2003, and 2015.


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