Wednesday 2 April 2014

Micro-moth Maps

Some of you have asked what happens to new county first micro records. Well, I send the details to John Langmaid who produces a huge article on new county records annually in the Entomologists' Record, helped by Mark Young, and then he puts a dot on the county map. It's these dots that have been used for the MBGBI series and the supposedly forthcoming Tortrix volume that Keith Bland is working on. Well, they are now finally being digitised by BC following a grant and you can now look up your micro-moth to see if it is a county first or not by following this link:
Like before, I am happy to forward any new county firsts so they get acknowledged and entered into the grand system. Via the link, you will see pdf's of scanned original pages and then some that are digitised too. This process is ongoing as and when funds permit. Peter Hall


  1. Thanks for all that info Peter. I have been comparing J.L.'s maps with vc46 records and there are quite a few differences that will need looking at, looks like it may be a long job with lots of research to reconcile the two.

  2. I can always ask John for details if you send me the absentee list


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