Friday 8 March 2013

clouded drab

Tried my new green(synergetic) 15w tube from Paul Batty on the 5th March using a 100amp battery as I now realise that 12v 12amp is only man enough to fire the lamp all night in the summer!  Under our oak trees it attracted 31 moths of 6 species,notable amongst which was a single very fresh Clouded Drab. Fowles quotes 21/02 as earliest so I guess someone somewhere has already caught one!
There were 8 Pale Brindled Beauties of which 2 were melanistic. I have been wondering what % of BB's are melanistic, anyone know?
Also in the box were 14 Chestnuts; not sure if they are hatching continuously during the winter or if they go into a torpor for the coldest months?


  1. Hi Liz, re Pale B.B.s Waring has a bit on dark form. 60% in central London - less frequent elsewhere.
    I have checked the Lancs Matrix but they are not recorded separately on there.

  2. There has been some discussion on the Glamorgan moth recording group blog about there being less of the monacharia form of PBB, than a few years ago. Colder temperatures during the pupal stage and improved air quality (cf Peppered moth) were two suggestions.



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