Saturday 16 March 2013

caddis fly collection

I have received this communication from Dr Emma Guy, Biodiversity Officer for Powys and am publicising the request through this blog.  I feel sure there is a national archive of Welsh records and will be contacting Adrian Fowles, CCW's chief entomologist, to make the enquiry but if anyone wishes to help out the national recorder use the contact details below.

The PDF on our freshwater habitats may well be of interest so I also enclose the link below.

2) Although, we have lots of caddis fly larvae in our freshwaters there is a dearth of records in Wales for the adult flies (called 'sedges'), apparently zero in fact. Any records or specimens of adults are being sought by the national recorder at Liverpool university. They turn up in moth traps so moth groups could play a key role in improving distribution maps. Sample tubes can be provided to those interested. Contact Dai Roberts at the Riverfly Partnership (07890 188835, ) for more information. Please circulate to your groups.
3) Wales Environment Link have just published 'Valuing our Freshwaters', a report which highlights the key issues affecting freshwaters and the actions needed to adequately address them

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