Monday 12 December 2022

Tony Allenby

 You will be greatly saddened to hear that Tony Allenby died yesterday.   He had been our County Moth Recorder for almost 10 years and was instrumental in setting up this blog.    During this time he created the invaluable document 'the State of all Macro Moth Species in Ceredigion' which can be accessed on this site and which hopefully will continue to be updated.

He was a dedicated and much respected moth-er and he and Ina were a great team spending many happy hours in the field trapping in the county.    As County Recorders they were very approachable and willing to share their expertise with all and sundry.    Being a recorder in the manner they did it was more a way of life than just a voluntary occupation.

On a more personal level we have fond memories of shared weekly trapping sessions with him up our valley prior to Ina's arrival and attending a number of David Brown's moth courses together.

He will be greatly missed.

Carolyn & Evan.

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