Monday 18 April 2022

Rescue mission in the Rheidol Valley

Good numbers of Great Prominent (11) and Engrailed (12) came to light in woodland in the Rheidol Valley on Friday night. Singles of Frosted Green, Early and Purple Thorn, Water Carpet, Grey Birch, Brown Silver Lines, Shoulder Stripe and Least Black Arches, and two Lunar Marbled Brown. And perhaps a faded Early Tooth-striped, released from a spider's web, with an ant attached to its leg. Only micros were Esperia sulpherella.


Least Black Arches

Grey Birch

Frosted Green

Possibly Early Tooth-striped, now ant-less

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  1. I think that the ex spider's dinner is a Mottled Grey although it has lost a lot of scales probably whilst trying to escape from the web.


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