Monday 31 January 2022

Moths for Dissection

   I'm about to resume identification of everyones moths which they've sent to me. The first packet I've openend doesn't have anyone's name attached to it and I can't find an associated spreadsheet. Just 8 moths numbered 19-23. Listed Lesser Common Rustic? 17/7/21. Grapholita janthinana? 19/7/21, Eucosma 25/7/21, Y rorrella? 27/7/21, Scrobipalpa atriplicella? 1/8/21, Coleophora trifolii? 14/8/21, Coleophora 22/8/21 and White Spotted/Golden Rod Pug? 24/8/21. They may not be Ceredigion, but if anyone recorgnises them, please let me know! Peter Hall

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