Saturday 9 October 2021


Last night I had 18 moths of 8 species.

I recently downloaded the free app ObsIdentify and thought I would give it a trial.

Having taken photos of all 8 species I then put them through the app and it identified them all accurately. 1 of them it wasn’t 100% sure of (Spruce Carpet) but it did appear at the top of the list of likely candidates.

ObsIdentify will never replace experience and field guides but I must say how impressed I was with it. For anybody who needs a helping hand to guide them towards the correct page in their moth book it is well worth installing.

I’ve also used it to help identify beetles.


  1. Hi Phil, did you use it on the photographs? If so have you tried it on the actual moth.

    1. For each moth, I took a photo and ran it through the app before moving onto the next. The photos were all taken just using an old iPhone with no special preparation. ie they were still on egg boxes and not necessarily at the best of angles.


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