Thursday 13 May 2021

Great Prom


My 18w actinic is bringing in few moths but I was pleased to see this one amongst last night's catch.

Apologies for blurry pic, not only is my Lumix LF1 on the blink but I am bound to take them in situ, not wanting to remove any from the site nor wanting to hang around for better light!  Hopefully I will get another in better condition; many of the moths are showing signs of wear now rain has arrived.

Also in the box: White-pinion Spotted, Scalloped hazel and some fresh Green carpets.  Brindled beauties are still coming in and there are the ever reliable and smart Brimstones.

Wildlife Trust woodland near Cardigan 

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  1. Great Prominent and Brindled Beauty are both reported to have declined nationally in the last 50 years but both have increased considerably in Ceredigion in the past 1o years.


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