Saturday 4 May 2019

Capua vulgana

Today proved warmer than promised by the weather people, so a stroll up Cwm Cletwr was called for.
Plenty of things flying, mostly flies, a few wasps, bees and butterflies.
I have come home with some moth larvae to look after for a while mostly from Bilberry - time will tell what they are so long as the parasites have not got at them first.
Three species of micro; Adela reaumurella, Cydia ulicetana and the main reason for this post, Capua vulgana, found among the Bilberry which is one of it's food plants.  At 7-9mm it is one of the smaller 'flat' Torts and as we have only 22 records for the county I am sure we should be finding more.  The one from today is a male, (top photo) the female (bottom photo) does not have a costal fold and is unicolorous.
So one to look out for now.

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