Tuesday 19 March 2019

Ynys-hir 18th March

Nineteen species last night in the warm(ish) drizzle. I was hoping for a Shoulder Stripe or Grey Shoulder-knot but alas there were none, unless the Robin who had started without us had one!
Twenty five Pugs that after inspection turned up 23 Brindled and 2 Double-striped.  The first Early Tooth-striped of the year for us and a Dark Sword-grass, Diurnea fagella, Parsnip Moth and singles of Dotted Border and Oak Beauty.  Everything else was as expected.
Brindled Pug

Clouded Drab

Clouded Drab

Common Quaker

Dark Sword-grass

Diurnea fagella

Early Grey

Early Tooth-striped

Early Tooth-striped and Chestnut


Hebrew Character

Oak Beauty
Twin-spotted Quaker

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