Monday 7 January 2019

Spring Ushers

A wet and dark morning produced about 200 moths in and around 2 small Heath traps in woodland at Ynys-hir. Most surprising was the number of Spring Ushers, 55, normally their numbers peak in February. Other macros were: Mottled Umber (47), Winter Moth (59), Chestnut (13), Dark Chestnut (1), Dotted Border (2), Northern Winter Moth (2), Mottled Grey (2), Pale Brindled Beauty (3). The micros were: Tortricodes alternella (10), Acleris literana (1) and Diamond-back (1).
Tony & Ina
Mottled Grey

Mottled Umber

Pale Brindled Beauty

Spring Usher

Spring Usher

Spring Usher

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