Sunday 2 September 2018

Scarce Bordered Straw

The perfect weather last night in Aberystwyth kept me out late watching the garden trap. My reward:
Scarce Bordered Straw
 Also my first Burnished Brass for four years:
Burnished Brass
Other macros included Cloaked Minor and Ruby Tiger, and plenty of Double-striped Pugs among the LYUs. Among the micros were Mint moth, Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella (probably), Argyresthia curvella and Common Clothes moth.
Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella

Pyrausta aurata


  1. Scarce Bordered Straw is an infrequent visitor to Ceredigion with only 7 records in the last 10 years.
    You are right about the Burnished Brass. You had 7 records in 2013 and 2 in 2014, all of which were the earlier first generation. There are only 23 county records in September out of a total of 1530.

  2. Just remember, there is the possibility that the Burnished Brass is actually 2 species, so make a note against the record of how thick the greenish-brassy cross band is linking the two main bands. It is thought that over 4mm it may be the "Cryptic Burnished Brass". Yours is very narrow. One day maybe someone will tell us the answer!


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