Wednesday 7 December 2016

Winter moths

We put two 6W Heath traps in the woodland at Ynys-hir last night. The temperature at 7:30 this morning was 14C and the 2 bucket traps were full of moths with lots more on the outside and surrounding vegetation. We counted 93 December moths, 65 of which were in or on 1 trap. Some of them seemed quite unconcerned at being captured as several pairs were mating. Other species were Mottled umber (88), Scarce umber (23), Feathered thorn (15), November moth agg. (14), Winter moth (24), Northern winter moth (2), Chestnut (1), Yellow-line quaker (3), Red-green carpet (1), and Spruce carpet (1).

Winter moth and Northern winter moth are very similar in appearance, the latter is slightly larger, paler and has whiter hindwings. It is very difficult to get them to pose in a way that shows their hindwing, but between us we managed to get these photos.
Tony & Ina (3 micros chilling out in the fridge for later)

Northern winter moth

Winter moth


  1. That's huge numbers compared to CYB! I thought I was doing well with double figures though one of my traps was in an unpromising location. Were your traps in clearings or under the trees?

    1. They were both under the trees between the "dipping pond" and Ynys-hir hide.

  2. Really impressive numbers - and I was pleased with my 18 December moths! Useful posting re the winter moths too (I`ve alerted Carms moth`ers to it).

  3. I found the Winter moth comparisons really helpful - thanks.


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