Tuesday 5 January 2016

Mottled Grey

My trusty little 6w bucket was deployed in a lovely bit of Ynys-hir woodland off the main reserve last night. Not a great total number of moths, Winter Moth being the most numerous, Mottled Umber, Spring Usher, Chestnut and the surprise of the day one Mottled Grey male.  This is the earliest recorded in the county the previous record being the 8th of Jan 2012.



  1. That is really early Ina. My trap is gathering dust in the greenhouse. PS thanks for normal sized text after the last post. I presume the large font was for the hard of hearing. Are you both attending Birmingham later this month?

  2. Sometimes you just have to shout!! :-)
    See you in Birmingham, I have a couple of moths for you which includes the county first Gelechiid.


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