Saturday 14 February 2015

First Early Moth, March Moth & Mottled Grey

After a run of cold nights we had a warmer, damper night which led to an explosion (150!) of Spring Ushers and plentiful Pale Brindled Beauties, including this melanistic form. We also had our first Early Moth, March Moth and Mottled Grey for this year.  Other species were Satellite, Winter Moth & the micro Tortricodes alternella.  Once again the garden trap yielded a few whilst the woodland trap overflowed!

Carolyn & Evan

Early Moth 

March Moth

Mottled Grey

Pale Brindled Beauty f. monacharia


  1. Good catch!!
    Most of it in the woodland?
    How did it compare to with the garden?

  2. The garden had 5 species - 12 moths
    The woodland had 8 species (one was found later in conservatory) - 166 moths, but seriously biased with 150 Spring Ushers


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