Saturday 29 November 2014

Ynys-hir woodland

A couple of actinic traps in mixed woodland last night gave us 31 moths of 8 species. The majority (20) were December moths, 3 Mottled umber, Winter moth, Northern winter moth, Yellow-line quaker, Red-green carpet, Chestnut, and November moth agg. (female).

Mottled umber

Mottled umbers

Northern winter moth
Tony & Ina


  1. We like to keep our moths clean and tidy Peter.
    Nineteen male December moths and one female, she left us a collection of eggs on an egg box....Ah! That's why we use egg boxes!! That's my best attempt at a joke, sorry. ;-)

  2. No December Moths here yet. Just LBAM x1; Feathered Thorn x 2 and a poss. Angle Shades caterpillar from last night's trap.


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