Wednesday 10 April 2013

What a difference a woodland makes

After getting only a single moth in the garden on the previous night we switched to a woodland last night and were very pleased to catch 73 moths of 20 species.

 The macro moths were: Satellite 7, Oak beauty 4, March moth 7, Brindled pug 11, Pale pinion 2, Chestnut 12, Early grey 1, Common quaker 6, Twin-spotted quaker 3, Hebrew character 1, Clouded drab 4, Grey shoulder-knot 1, Red-green carpet 1, Engrailed 1, Small quaker 1, and Early thorn 1.

 The micros were: Diurnea fagella 6, Agonopterix ocellana 1, Acleris literana 1, and one as yet unidentified.

  The Clouded drab is described as "very variable", these are the 4 that we caught.

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