Sunday 8 March 2015

Oak Beauty, Engrailed & Early Grey

March came in with these new moths for this year. Looking back on last year's records we noticed that we caught our first Oak Beauty earlier on the 16th February but the Engrailed & Early Grey were on cue.
In  total we had 8 macros and the micro, Tortricodes alternella in abundance (35).

Carolyn & Evan

Oak Beauty

Early Grey


  1. T.alternella in abundance is about right!! We have had a couple of Acleris species one of which is A.cristana in the same bit of woodland as last year but a month later. Not that the date matters as they can occur all year.
    Wishing for an Early Grey here. :-)

  2. Many thanks Ina. Will look out for Acleris species!


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