Saturday 28 March 2015

Early Tooth-striped vs Mottled Grey


We thought these two comparative photographs might be useful.  The Mottled Grey picture taken on the earlier date of 14.02.15 and the Early Tooth-striped this morning.

We went on a course to Scotland with David Brown four years ago and there was much discussion on how to tell the differences between these two moths.  John Knowler, a Scottish County Moth Recorder was also present.  They said first of all look at the shape.  The Mottled Grey is triangular and the Early Tooth-striped arrowhead-shaped as demonstrated in these photos. 

The Mottled Grey is shiny when fresh, has chequered veins on the fore-wing and there are chevron markings on the distal cross line.  The male MG has bi-pectinate antennae whereas in the male ETS the antennae are straight strands.  As you know MG emerges slightly earlier but their flight periods overlap!

Carolyn & Evan


  1. That's really useful, I've learnt something. The feature I mostly use is the main vein that runs through the centre of the forewing, shows as a broken black line in ETS and not in the MG. You can see it on the right hand wing above and also on Liz's image from another posting.

  2. I used this today to help confirm ETS - very useful, thanks!


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