Details of all events will be given below. Most events will take place in the morning and involve the opening of moth traps which have been operating over the night before. There will be opportunities to see the moths and learn about their identification. All moths will be safely released after the event. All ages are welcome, beginners or experts, and events are free unless stated otherwise.

Events may be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. Cancellations will be published on this blog so PLEASE CHECK BEFORE SETTING OUT.

Dates for your diary.

National Moth Night 2017
12th to 14th October 2017.  The theme this year will be Ivy.
Advance notice. 

Start looking out for local sheltered patches of ivy blossom, especially those which can be visited after dark with a torch. 
The theme for National Moth Night this year is ivy/ ivy blossom. Daytime searches or traps set on Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday
Looking first during the day is a good idea then you can avoid nocturnal visits to any stands of ivy which are covered with social wasps - they may also be there in numbers at night, indicating a nearby nest.....but there should be plenty of ivy around to investigate.

More information may be available on the Atropos website but it is undergoing some reconstruction at the moment so keep checking.

Atropos - National Moth Night

Sunday 17th February 2017. Working party   Coed Maidie B Goddard

17th April 2017 - Easter Monday - MOTHS AT YNYS-HIR:  9am to 11am.
Come along and see/help identify the spring moths on the reserve. No 'target' species but you are likely to see; Frosted Green, Water Carpet, Early Tooth-striped, Red Chestnut, Powdered Quaker, Least Black Arches among many others.

28th May 2017 - Sunday -  MOTHS AT YNYS-HIR 9am to 11am.

9th July - Sunday -  MOTHS AT YNYS-HIR 9am to 11am.

30th July - Sunday -  MOTHS AT YNYS-HIR 9am to 11am.
This will be the Big Wild Sleep-out weekend - details from the reserve office.