Sunday, 11 March 2018


16 species last night, colder than I expected this morning but none the less, a few we haven't seen so far this year.
The full list;
Oak Beauty 8, Chestnut 4, Small Quaker 3, Satellite 5, Pale Brindled Beauty 3, March Moth 9, Mottled Grey 1, Engrailed 1, Early Grey 1, Clouded Drab 1.
Agonopterix ocellana 5, Tortricodes alternella 32, Agonopterix yeatiana 1, Diurnea fagella 1, Acleris ferrugana/notana 1 to be determined.
Ina and Tony
Agonopterix ocellana

Agonopterix yeatiana

Clounded Drab

Diurnea fagella


March Moth

Mottled Grey

Small Quaker

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Storm damage and Welsh Wave

Just thought we would share a few photos of our nearest Welsh Wave site, hoping that any Rowan, Alder or Birch that used to be in here have survived!
Ina and Tony

Sunday, 4 March 2018

New MICRO entry sheet

For all regular vc46 recorders.

There is a new micro-moth entry sheet available. It is important that this new sheet is used as there have been changes in taxonomy and several new species.   This is for Microsoft office only.

If you regularly record micros please drop me an email and I will send it to you.

This is also county specific so you will know as you enter if your moth is new for the county and what evidence may be needed to verify a species.  It will also be a great help to me when verifying records as it avoids spellings, typos, etc.

March 1st 2018

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

A couple of 'Greys'

In addition to the usual for this time of year - see previous post - we had one Early Grey and three Mottled Grey this morning. Two locations.
Just as things are looking up the weather forecast is going the other way, the wind has changed direction and it is much colder this morning.

Ina and Tony

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Ynys-hir and Talybont

For anyone out there who has not yet noted that location/habitat is everything when it comes to winter mothing, last night's results should prove it.

Ynys-hir = 108 moths - 10 species.  6w Actinic

Garden = 1 Oak Beauty, (quality not quantity!).  60w Actinic

Pale Brindled Beauty, Dotted Border, Chestnut, March Moth, Spring Usher, Oak Beauty, Tortricodes alternella, Agonopterix ocellana, Acleris literana, Acleris ferrugana/notana (may yet be one of each).

Friday, 16 February 2018

Moth Records Review 2017

Micro and macro moth reviews of the year 2017 and updated Macro Moths of Ceredigion maps are now available under the Documents tab above.

Tony and Ina.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Dotted Border

We had our first Dotted Border (3) of the season last night from our nearby oak woodland together with 124 Spring Usher, 27 Pale Brindled Beauty, 7 Chestnut and one Mottled Umber.

Carolyn & Evan

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Mottled Umber - female

This Mottled Umber - Erannis defoliaria - was found as a small larva 6th May 2017.  Fed and nurtured as only a good mother could (if you believe that!). She has spent the winter as a pupa in the garden, kept safe in an old yoghurt pot and emerged a few days ago.
Ina and Tony

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Oak Beauty

We found this unseasonably early Oak Beauty in our garden trap this morning.  We note our earliest record last year was 04/03/17.

Carolyn & Evan

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

January Moths

The first trap from a rather wet (but could have been worse) Ynys-hir last night.  Only four species but due to the weather conditions the traps were perhaps not in an ideal location.
Tony & Ina

Tortricodes alternella

Winter Moth - Operophtera brumata

Pale Brindled Beauty - Phigalia pilosaria

Mottled Umber - Erannis defoliaria

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Spring Usher

Spring is around the corner!  We had our first Spring Ushers this morning - one from the garden and ten from our nearby oak woodland together with Winter Moth, Mottled Umber and Chestnut.  We note our first Spring Ushers last year were over a week later (29/01/2017).

Carolyn & Evan

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Early Hebrew Character

There are a few "brave" moths out there at the moment. Earlier in the week we had a Dark Chestnut and a Chestnut.

Last night saw our first Hebrew Character of the year -Tony says 11 days earlier than the previous earliest record.