Thursday 12 March 2015

First Pug of the year.

Brindled Pugs in both traps this morning, plus Pale B.B., Engrailed, Chestnut, Oak Beauty, Early moth, March moth,Common and Small Quaker.  The usual surfeit of T.alternella and one female Lt. Brown Apple moth.  Still no Small B.B.

Plus what I think is a Nursery Web Spider...Pisaura mirabilis . If you are out there Mike, what do you think. Sorry about the rubbish was a bit lively!!


  1. I asked Martin Albertini and he says: It's Pisaura mirabilis a wolf spider, so you are correct!

    1. Thank you's a funny looking moth though! But very pretty!!

    2. Just missing some bubblebath underneath

  2. Yes it is Pisaura mirabilis (nursery web spider). But not a wolf spider or Lycosid which carry their egg--sac on their spinnerets rather than making a silken tent in long grass as P.mirabilis does.

  3. Thanks Mike, do you want details for the record?


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