Sunday 11 September 2016

Autumn moths at Ynys-hir

Today's event at the RSPB reserve produced some seasonal moths showing that Autumn is here, even though the weather has been more like Summer recently. There were 31 macro species and 7 micros. Most numerous by far were Common marbled carpet, followed by Green carpet, Brimstone moth and Snout. Apart from those in the photos below, we had Copper underwing and Svensson's copper underwing, Silver Y, Angle shades, Spruce carpet, Brindled green, September thorn, Canary-shouldered thorn, Peach blossom, Flame (2nd generation), Gold spot, Rosy rustic, Small phoenix, Common carpet, Flame carpet, Chevron and Straw dot. In the micros were Rush veneer, Blastobasis adustella, Bactra lancealana, Tinea semifulvella, Acleris emargana and Pandemis cerasana. Three leaf mines found in the car park were Phyllonorycter nicellii on Hazel, Stigmella tityrella on Beech and Phyllonorycter coryli on Hazel.
Centre-barred sallow


Stigmella tityrella (mine on Beech)

Pink-barred sallow

Frosted orange


Red-green carpet

Acleris emargana

Pinion-streaked snout
Thanks to everyone who came along,
    Tony & Ina

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