Sunday 5 June 2016

Ynys-hir moth event

A small but enthusiastic group gathered to see what we had caught overnight with two MV lights near the centre and a 6w Actinic in the wet meadow. The weather conditions were good for moths and we recorded 69 species of macro moth and 16 micro moths. Most interest was aroused by the big spectacular moths: Elephant hawkmoth, Eyed hawkmoth, Poplar hawkmoth, Lobster moth, Peppered moth, Great prominent, Pale tussock, Angle shades, Scalloped hazel, closely followed by the brighter coloured ones: White ermine, Buff ermine, Green carpet, Oblique carpet, Peach blossom, Clouded silver, White-pinion spotted, Brimstone, Satin lutestring, Common footman, Buff arches, Scorched wing, Tawny-barred angle, Blood-vein, Northern spinach, Flame carpet, Oak hook-tip, Green silver-lines, Small angle shades, and Light emerald. We also had the less colourful Rivulet and Small rivulet, Pinion-streaked snout, Fan-foot, Brown rustic, Flame, Flame shoulder, Coronet, Common carpet, Broken-barred carpet, Spruce carpet, Pebble prominent, Common, Grey and Narrow-winged pugs. Two Red-necked footman were only the second record for the main part of the reserve, the other being in 1983.

Amongst the micros (some still to be confirmed) were Diamond-back (we saw large numbers around the reserve on the Friday evening), Bee moth, Twenty plume, Cork moth, Small magpie, C. culmella, and the very pretty Aethes Cnicana.

Thanks to everyone who came and those who helped, especially Stanley and Frank for their help with safe release of the moths, although they were reluctant to part with Jeffrey the Elephant hawkmoth and Stick moth, better known as Buff-tip.
Aethes Cnicana

Red-necked footman

Buff arches
Tony & Ina

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