Wednesday 24 September 2014

Micro course pics

pic 1 The brave and the good who gave up a most beautiful day to study micros in a rather cool classroom….well alright foolish might come in there somewhere!
Pics 2,3,4: The really beautiful little micros which turned up to be studied: Rhigognostis incarnatella, Tebenna micalis, and Olindia schumacherana.  The Tebenna was caught on Mwnt, one of the few moths to venture out there on a very windy night!
Not got a pic of Dave our excellent course tutor because he's not as pretty as the moths he catches but I will be posting details of his future courses on here and we can all attest to his ability to turn macro-moth-ers  into micro enthusiasts so THANKS Dave!


  1. The Tebenna micalis photo has also been put on Facebook by Dave. I heard of another in South Wales at weekend too.

  2. Yep - i caught one at Parc Slip on thursday night-thankfully recognised it from the course so made sure i grabbed it!

  3. Ah, so it's you Vaughn that saved it for Paul Parsons! It's a small (mothing) world.

  4. Perhaps the people in the photo can possibly be named, so that we can `put names to faces` please?


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