Friday 19 September 2014

Late Elephant

This was a surprise in the trap this morning.  Very fresh. Last date from Fowles is 20/08.  Any other late records Evan?
I also had 19 other species inc first Black Rustic, what a stunning moth it always reminds me of astrakhan collars! Also first Red line Quaker and a smart Gold spot.
Lower pic was even more of a cardio workout, a Black V moth which was hard to track down as it has green veins…OK so I was in France at the time but only just: Normandy 2 nights ago.  This moth is now apparently extinct in UK but it could come back given climate change . 


  1. Just looking now at the UTB blog, I see there's been a record late Peppered caught last night. I wonder what else these warm nights will produce (apart from crane flies and hornets)?

    1. Elephant Hs in Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Donegal recently too.


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