Sunday 7 September 2014

Broad-bordered yellow underwing

A cold, clear night last night limited us to just 10 moths of 8 species in the garden. In contrast the previous night a trap in open woodland at Ynys-hir produced 33 species including a single Broad-bordered yellow underwing. This is supposed to be a common species but we rarely see them. There were good numbers of Brimstone, Snout, Flame shoulder, and Large yellow underwing. Others included 3 Oblique carpet, Spectacle, 4 Angle shades, Gold spot, 2 Flame carpet, Pinion-streaked snout, Red-green carpet, 2 Blood-vein, 2 Straw dot, Sallow, Centre-barred sallow, Black rustic, 3 Dark-barred twin-spot carpet. After the huge numbers of fresh Green carpets on Ynyslas last week, there was only 1 which was very worn and faded. Best of the micros was Homoeosoma nebulella.
Broad-bordered yellow underwing
Tony & Ina

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