Sunday 10 May 2020

Light Knot Grass in Aberystwyth

Still small numbers in my garden trap: Treble Lines (10), which seem to be more common than usual, beating Heart and Dart (8). Good to see Elephant Hawkmoth back, as well as Broom and Puss Moths. Best of the bunch a Light Knot Grass, a long way from home and new for me.

Especially for Ina, here are some smaller ones from the last few days: Grapholita internana and Argyresthia trifasciata.


  1. Thank you Simon. Funny how trifasciata loses the metallic gold in a photo. I used to get them in my garden but then I had Cypress trees!

  2. First Light Knot Grass record from Aberystwyth, not sure where the "acid moorland, bogs and heathland" habitat is around there.

  3. Well, one did turn up in Bucks last year, obviously a county first, so it looks like they can wander if so inclined.


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