Wednesday 4 September 2019


I made a short 2 night visit to Ceredigion this week, staying at Brynarth Guest House, just down the road (about a hundred yards) from Cors Ian nature reserve. Despite the inclement weather, I ran a single Robinson in the guest house garden. In fact the second night was wild with wind and heavy rain, but I still managed 19 species, and the night before 24 species plus a few leaf mines in the near area. A mix of late Summer and early Autumn species and all very typical of what you would expect. Migrants included Silver Y and Udea ferrugalis. Oblique Carpet was nice to see for me, Gold Spot, Hedge Rustic and a rather late Common Footman. I also have 2 Ear moths that will receive closer attention. I must try and visit earlier in the season! Peter Hall

Flounced Rustic lurking in my bedroom

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