Monday 1 April 2019

Orange Underwings for a visiting moth-er

We spend quite a lot of time in Ceredigion as our caravan is currently at a site near Machynlleth and as we pass through on the way there from Pembs we stop off at various sites to look for birds/moth/butterflies etc. Our favourite is Cors Fochno. We stopped off there on Thursday 28th to try and find Orange Underwings and we were successful  - 5 definitely separate individuals plus one which may have been a duplicate. We were very pleased with this result. They were all flying around and between the tops of birch trees in textbook fashion, and sometimes settling on birch twigs, usually upside down which makes them strangely difficult to see. I thought the season may have been over as the first report on this blog this year was way back on 24th Feb but apparently not. We also saw Brimstones, which we don't have in Pembs. 
On Saturday we found an Orange Underwing at Ynys Hir, though it was a long way from the birch trees, being near the Marian Mawr hide. Also another Brimstone. Nice to see plenty of Peacocks everywhere. 

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