Saturday 20 April 2019

Emperor Moth - females

A good night down by the coast last night.  Not so much quantity but some quality for sure.
Two female Emperors in one trap both having laid eggs which we left in the brambles.
A couple of fresh looking Brindled Beauty and Shuttle-shaped Dart.  Brown Silver-line and Muslin Moth just starting to appear here and our first Red Twin-spot Carpet of the year.
Tony potted up a little 'un for me from the grass...turned out to be an Oak Nycleoline (that'll teach him to wear his glasses, lol ) one of Tony's favourites.
Two genuine micros - Depressaria radiella (Parsnip moth) and Alucita hexadactyla (Many plumed).
Eighteen species in total, most numerous was Hebrew Character as to be expected.
Ina (and Tony)

Emperor Moth - females

Brindled Beauty

Brown Silver-line

Depressaria radiella

Muslin Moth

Oak Nycleoline - very worn

Red Twin-spot Carpet

Shuttle-shaped Dart

Shuttle-shaped Dart

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