Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Pale Brindled Beauty

A mild winter night produced 5 macro species including this Pale Brindled Beauty.  We note that Tony & Ina had their earliest ever record of this moth on the 16th of November and this is a first for us before the New Year.  We also had 26 Winter Moths, a scattering of Mottled and Scarce Umbers and two December Moths.

Carolyn & Evan

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  1. Very like our catch at Ynys-hir on Tuesday night, except we had no Pale Brindled Beauty; Mottled Umber 52, Winter Moth 40, Scarce Umber 7, December Moth 4. A couple of micros Acleris Literana and Acleris Ferrugana/Notana.


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