Saturday, 22 October 2016

Woodland Moths 21st October

Thirty five moths of twelve species plus one aggregate last night, with a slight frost around dawn that was not a bad catch.
Merv, Spruce Carpet, Red-green Carpet, Grey Pine Carpet, Yellow-line Q, Chestnut, Large Wainscot, Common Marbled Carpet, Red-line Q, Green-brindled Crescent and seventeen Epirrita species fifteen of which were recorded as aggregates but looked more closely at two that were extreme in colouration, one was a November Moth (E.dilutata) and one Autumnal Moth (E.autumnata).

Large Wainscot

Green-brindled Crescent

November Moth

This Autumnal Moth has read Skinner - The shape of the post-median fascia with the dot well away from the line is as described.  Take care as this feature is not always reliable.

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  1. Yes take care trying to id the Novembers without resorting to looking at their octavals (which are visible with a hand lens and a bit of light brushing with a wetted artists' paintbrush). Otherwise they are very easy to do via the operating theatre - well males are.


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