Wednesday 26 October 2016

Common White Wave!

Last night we set two 6W Heath traps amongst the Birch trees on Cors Fochno. The biggest surprise was a Common White Wave, a month later than the previous latest county record. It is not obvious whether this is a second or third generation, but it was very fresh looking. We had our first Feathered Thorn and Mottled Umber of the year. Others were Common Marbled Carpet, Pink-barred Sallow, Red-line quaker, Green-brindled Crescent, Autumnal Moth and some November moth aggs., Spruce Carpet, Large Wainscot, Black Rustic. The micros were White-shouldered House Moth, Epinotia Ramella, and Ypsolopha Parenthesella.
Common White Wave

Mottled Umber

Feathered Thorn

Mottled Umber
The Mottled Umbers show the extent of variation of wing pattern in the males.

Tony & Ina


  1. Your Common White Wave is an interesting record. I haven't seen any mentioned on other moth blogs this week either.

    1. The only mention I have found so far of individuals in Oct, is on the Dorset Moths website. Here is what they say:"The national norm is of a double brood in southern England and a single brood in northern Britain. The relatively high numbers between the respective double brood peaks in early-June and mid-August suggest an additional univoltine cycle in July. The very few moths seen in October are likely to represent a partial second brood spawned by the univoltine brood.


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