Tuesday 15 September 2015

New toy: the wonder battery

Fed up with lugging a 17amp battery into Coed Y Bont and waiting at least 12 hours for it to recharge I've invested in a lithium iron battery.
Charges in 45 minutes, guaranteed for 3 years, greener than other batteries as no component is toxic unless you eat it presumably, 80% lighter weight  and will power your golf trolley around 18 holes for 2000 hours!  I reckon with lightweight trap use this will last me a long time plus it replaces a 27amp lead acid battery so will last more than one night even in winter with a 15w lamp.
All the technical details about lithium batteries are in Wikipedia plus the supplier: Alpha batteries has a comprehensive website.
Cost?  Cheaper than a posh frock (not that I'm in danger of buying one of those), or lunch for 2 at Ynys Hir Hall (not that I've been invited yet) or 2 fills of diesel in the VW.  I just heard Evan hit the floor….
If I don't catch some moths with it tomorrow then you'll hear me hit the floor.


  1. They are good aren't they? What with led torches that last hundreds of hours, things are getting easier. My Fenix led torch lasts up to 150 hours on the lowest setting. Anyone using standard 125W mv bulbs, stock up before they become discontinued. Now you can get to those really remote places that no-one has been to Liz!

  2. Ah yes but still saddled with bucket and vanes and long 18" tube!


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