Monday 7 September 2015

Centre-barred Sallow

Not quite such a cold night last night but still only 15 species in the trap this morning (11 macro and 4 micro). Another Autumn regular, Centre-barred sallow, showed up for the first time this year, with two in the trap and one outside (there may have been more as we saw Blue tits on the trap and a Robin was close-by). Large yellow underwing were down to just 12, also Canary-shouldered thorn, Common marbled carpet, Small square spot, Dark arches, Setaceous hebrew character, Silver Y, Flounced rustic, Rosy rustic, and a very fresh July highflyer. The micros were Mother of pearl, Light brown apple moth, Eudonia truncicolella, and Agriphila geniculea.
Tony & Ina

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