Sunday 30 August 2015


There have been very few moths in the trap over the last couple of nights, but this one, which I take to be a Chevron, is new to me and I think a first for Llawrcwrt

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  1. It is a Chevron David and it is a first for Llawrcwrt. For a common moth there is only one recent record from the south of the county, which was at Aberporth last year. There are a number of old records from Rothamsted in the Cardigan and Aberproth areas. Apart from these there are 3 records from Denmark farm in the mid 90's, 1 from Birdlip farm in 1977, 1 from Comins Capel Betws in 1975, and 1 from Llechryd in 1979. There are many records for the north and east of the county.


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