Thursday 3 July 2014


these three tortricids were among several moths caught during an early evening walk at pendinas.

cochylidia rupicola feeds on the developing flowers and seeds of hemp agrimony, so it's no surprise to find it near the banks of the ystwyth. there are several similarish species, but the details of the wing markings are distinctive.

cochylidia rupicola
dichrorampha petiverella, with its brown forewing with a bold yellow crescent, is pretty much unmistakeable. it feeds on the roots of achillea and tansy.
dichrorampha petiverella
grapholita janthinana feeds inside hawthorn berries. the orange on the head, thorax and termen, together with the violet marbling and the dorsal blotch made up of several narrow grey lines (more easily seen from above), make this a distinctive moth when seen under magnification - the painting of this species in sterling et al doesn't quite do it justice.
grapholita janthinana

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