Thursday 24 July 2014

Llangawsai Bog?

Not one but two of these in the trap this morning -
are they really Marsh Oblique-barred so close to Aberystwyth?
Marsh Oblique-barred?

It's been a good week for me, with my first Herald, Black Arches, Brussels Lace, Acleris forsskaleana, Mompha propinquella, Brachmia brandella, and what might be Piniphila bifasciana:
Piniphila bifasciana? (FW 5-6mm)
But I'm still waiting for a Garden Tiger.
Any suggestions for these two are welcome:
FW 8mm

FW 6-7mm


  1. Hi Simon, I agree with your id for Marsh oblique-barred but they do seem to be a little way from home. We had 3 records of 12 individuals on Cors Fochno last year (not sure why they aren't showing on the map)


  2. Tony,

    That had me worried, but they are there. I will have to make the black cross bigger!


  3. I'm now thinking Eudemis profundana and Ancylis achatana for the two moths above.

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  5. My thought on the micros. I agree with your id of bifasciana. there's no current blob on the national micro-moth map for vc-46, so hopefully Ina can confirm if this is a county first? If yes, I'll need details to send off. The second one is indeed profundana. That prominent orange tuft on the thorax is always a giveaway. It's wing pattern varies a lot but the tuft is always there. The final one I think is Rhopobota naevana. Another variable moth, but the wing "tip" has a kind of false point (where the costa and termen meet up). Look out for it on those small brown jobs in the coming weeks and you'll soon be able to spot it immediately.

    1. Thanks Peter, I will sort the records and maybe see you later in the week Simon.

  6. Thanks for the profundana confirmation Peter. I see what you mean (just about) on R. naevana; the size also fits this species better, and we have a big holly tree in the garden.


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