Wednesday 4 December 2013

Scarce and Mottled umbers

Put the trap out in the garden on Sunday night and had Winter moths, December moths, Feathered thorn, November moth agg, and Light brown apple moth. As Sarah has found, most of them were found outside of the trap.

Trapped in a small mixed woodland on Monday night and caught Scarce umbers, Mottled umbers, November moth aggs, Winter moth and Spruce carpet.

Mottled umber

Scarce umber

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  1. Hi Tony, I am grateful for having seen these photos, they prompted me to look again at a couple of mine taken recently of moths which I had put down as Mottled but are probably Scarce. Photos posted yesterday on the Carmarthenshire site. I trap 3 miles east of Llandysul, hence the interest in what's going on in Ceredigion. Regards, Chris


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