Wednesday 27 July 2022

Cross Inn, Llanon

Given that the size of this pug is only about 21mm, I’m thinking second generation Currant Pug rather than Wormwood Pug even though it seems to lack a prominent white tonal spot.

Any comments welcome.

I accidentally ‘unpublished’ this after Tony had commented that a Triple-spotted Pug fitted the photos and description. Sorry Tony. I always seem to have problems with Blogger when it comes to adding comments. I’ll record it as Triple-spotted Pug. I’d rather dismissed this possibility as it is described as Local and Rare for the county.

I put it in a tube on Tuesday. When I went to photograph it, our dog knocked the tube out of my hand and it flew off in the kitchen. Later that evening it reemerged so I got a couple of photos before releasing it.

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  1. Triple-spotted Pug is a similar size and does not have the white spot.


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