Monday 11 April 2022

Peter Walters Davies


You will be greatly saddened to learn of the death of our very first County Moth Recorder for Ceredigion, Peter Walters Davies.  He was instrumental in calling a meeting of interested parties back in 2010 which led to the formation of the Ceredigion Moth Group and his enthusiasm and commitment attracted many new moth-ers.  He had earlier been awarded an MBE for his outstanding work for the Red Kite Trust and was able to use this expertise in helping to establish the group.  Firstly, with the help of several group members, he organised the digitisation of all past moth records for Ceredigion (VC46).  He also initiated the transfer of local Rothamsted records to the database and started to liaise with the local Records Centre, WWBIC.  In addition to collecting records from existing sites he proposed that we trapped on all National Trust land in the county to extend the number of recorded squares and we had many happy meetings together to this end.

As his age advanced, he realised the necessity of handing over to a younger member and Tony kindly stepped up to the challenge with Ina later taking on the previously ignored micro records.

Two years ago, he moved to East Sussex to be nearer his family.  He continued to trap down there with their support and was delighted to tell us in regular phone calls of the moths he caught that were unique to his part of the country.

We will miss a very good friend and fellow moth enthusiast.

 Carolyn & Evan

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