Sunday 21 July 2019

Common Rustic Agg.

If there are any others like me who need a little helping hand now and again, here are 3 photos to illustrate some of the variation within a species.
Thank you to Tony for confirming my suspicions that they are all to be recorded as the same species - Common/Lesser Common Rustic  Agg.


  1. A comment from Pembrokeshire (hope you don't mind)- The real give-away I always think is the shape - rather small and pinched-looking at the head/thorax with gently curved front edges to the wings. All the other possible IDs are, on the whole, longer winged and with straight wing edges. Though I must admit it takes me a few sessions to get my eye in each year!!

  2. And of course, if you want to get down to species level, you can always keep them for me


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