Saturday 18 May 2019


Twenty four species last night, not including the ones that got away, and only three May Bugs! Hooray!!
Cinnabar moths attracted to the light, probably an under-estimate of 33.
Green Carpet flying off very easily so again there were probably more than the 17 we counted.
Singles of Rustic Shoulder-knot, Pebble Prominent, Eyed Hawkmoth, Shears, Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet, Purple Bar, Common Marbled Carpet and a very worn Brindled Pug.
Other larger moths - Heart & Dart, Ruby Tiger, Common Wave, Treble Lines, Shuttle-shaped Dart, 3 late'ish Shoulder Stripe, Brown Rustic, Flame Shoulder and Common Pug.
Micros - Cochylis atricapitana, Crambus pratella, Agonopterix yeatiana, Scoparia pyralella and a Coleophora (that can be one of at least 8.)

Some very bad photos below, our so called Tough camera turned out to be not so though after all!
Ina and Tony

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