Thursday, 27 September 2018

Garden v oak woodland

We ran 2 traps last night, a 60W in the garden and a 6W in nearby oak woodland. Results were: garden 7 macro species and 2 micros, woodland 6 macro species and 1 micro. Both traps had Large Yellow Underwing and Common Marbled Carpet. Other garden species were Heart and Dart, Spruce Carpet, Dusky Thorn, Willow Beauty, Rosy Rustic, Epiphyas postvittana, and Eudonia angustea. Others from the woodland: Copper Underwing agg. (too worn to determine), Pink-barred Sallow, Pale Pinion, Red-line Quaker, and a very worn Crambid.
Tony & Ina

Pale Pinion

Pink-barred Sallow

Red-line Quaker

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