Friday 16 February 2018

Moth Records Review 2017

Micro and macro moth reviews of the year 2017 and updated Macro Moths of Ceredigion maps are now available under the Documents tab above.

Tony and Ina.


  1. Nice work, both of you. I am hearing rumours that the long awaited and actually almost completed Pyrale book has had its wheels kicked into motion again. The Moth Dissection website has thousands of "adult" images on its website, other stages too, all alongside dissections, so this is also a good place to take a look. And much easier to scroll through as well, compared to UK Moths. There's a "Show Adult" box, then you can run the cursor down as fast as your broadband lets you for pop-ups of images.

  2. Thanks for that Peter, I am long since converted to the "Show adult" box. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an ID. I do keep telling people it's not just dissections.


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