Wednesday 29 March 2017

Ceredigion Macro Moths 2015

Several people have asked me when I am going to update "Fowles". After several months in front of my computer I have produced a Word document which reports the state of macro moths in the county up to end 2015. Most of the information is presented in the forms of distribution maps, flight period graphs, and abundance of records over the last 50 years. The document contains one page per species, so that is over 500 pages. There is an alphabetic index so that you can easily get to the page for the species you want to look at. The indexing is explained in the document but has only been tested on Word on Windows, so I am expecting feedback from people on other platforms to say whether it works or not!

The document can be accessed via the "Documents" page on this blog. The file is about 20Mb and will have to be downloaded to access it. It is being shared by a link to "Dropbox" but you do not have to be registered with Dropbox to be able to download the document.

I will be updating to include 2016 sometime.



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